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Our expertise

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We support our customers to achieve their goals and objectives; whether it's improving internal process & disaster resilient services or offsetting your global carbon footprint.

We focus on creating and building upon great relationships with our customers, truly understanding and predicting their needs in-order to bring world leading insights and solutions.

At TaaS we aim to employ the best people, to delivery strategic thought leadership to each stage of our development and solution implementation.

  • Solution Creation

    Our capability has been developed to meet our customers’ diverse needs. regardless of your requirements both on and off-line. Over a diverse range of services and industry.

    To ensure a seamless approach, we maintain strong in-house engineering and trade capability across multiply disciplines and have a dedicated Project management office to support excellent delivery for our customers.
  • Strategic Planning

    We offer the technical, economic and scheduling skills essential to support effective feasibility and design. It is our ability to combine these skills that is somewhat unique, working with customers to gain benefits that are often lost at the critical early stages of a project.

  • Sustaining & Improving

    We offer our customer expertise in maintaining a wide rage of assets safely and efficiently. Our management capability provides customer with the confidence that, instrumental services are maintained with strategically efficiency to delivery for both their needs and Terrible Foundation's positive impact culture. Maintenance activities are supported by fact based decision making, and machine learning.

    Whatever the desired outcomes, we work closely with our customers to help them succeed, delivering on our promises with excellence.

What We Do

We're here to create, implement, managed and maintain solutions to consumer business, corporate and government issues.

Our strength lies in our ability to provide strategic planning on a wide range of situations enabling effective feasibility and design. combined with our internal and external resources, capability and machine learning.

Regardless of industry or objective TaaS has been used to provide innovative and sustainable solutions across;

  • - Transport Services
    - Traffic Management
    - Central & Local Government
    - Education
    - Data Management
    - Machine learning
    - Charities & Non-profits
    - Utilities Services
    - Engineering
    - Infrastructure management
    - Asset Management
  • We aim to employ the best people, to delivery strategic thought leadership to each stage of our development and solution implementation.

  • TaaS is also a major provider of green policy, carbon initiatives, water reuse and management. Allowing Corporation's and small businesses to perform social and environmental responsibility effectively.